November 06, 2019 - Jak se maj!

This year's Deer Camp Menu is posted HERE


"...Deer Camp! My favorite time of year!"

November 06, 2018 - Jak se maj!

This year's Deer Camp Menu is posted HERE


"...Deer Camp! My favorite time of year!"

November 11, 2017 - Jak se maj!

Happy Veterans Day and Thank You to all who served!
Deer Camp Menu is posted HERE


"...Deer Camp! My favorite time of year!"

June 07, 2017 - Jak se maj!

I find this picture hilarious...

April 19, 2017 - Jak se maj!

Long time since I posted here... Again...
Got a message from my hosting site that the old, antiquated, lousy, no good rotten website I used to have is a security nightmare and has to go...  So I'm starting to replace it...  Well some of it...
Until May you can still see the old site at the link above...
Deer Camp and Fish Camp stuff will be posted here...  Maybe someday I'll go back to updating it weekly, but probbaly not...
Have a great week!

April 04, 2016 - Jak se maj!

Long time since I posted here...  Fish Camp 2016 is coming up, so look for Camp lists to be posted HERE...

Below is a favorite picture of mine...  click on it for a full size image...

TheHamHotDog small

See ya!!!


November 11, 2015 - Jak se maj!

Deer Camp 2015 is ALMOST here!!!

The camp lists and menus are HERE...

See you in camp!!!


"...Deer Camp! My favorite time of year!"

November 8, 2015 - Jak se maj!

Darwin's Bear

One of my fond memories of Dad (Darwin) was that he was a great spotter of wildlife in the car.  He would see deer all the time as we were driving, often when they were very hard to see.  Whenever I was with him, he “let” me drive, so I had a quite a few opportunities to drive with him so I saw it often.  He wasn’t perfect, but with deer he was pretty much spot on.

One small flaw in his observation skills was that on more than one occasion he would see "bears" that were usually stumps.  One such sighting was on Harold Road.  This was before I had my license and he would let me drive (in the old Luv truck) to go check the crab traps. We would see a lot of deer and one day he saw a "bear" close to the saw mill.  We turned around and went back and it didn't move and turned out to be a stump. I kidded him a couple times about it on subsequent trips until he growled at me and I stopped doing that.

He saw “bear” a couple other times too, but for some reason I remembered one specific time on Hwy 29 west of Shawano on a ridge to the south of the road.  I am guessing this was on the way to or from Fish Camp up at Pelican Lake because I can't remember any other time I would have been driving with him on Hwy 29.  Anyway, he saw this “bear” and it didn't move, but I had to admit it "looked" like a bear.  Based on pervious sightings and the Harold Road incident, I assumed it was another stump, but who knows...

So fast forward to last Sunday (11/8/15).  My lovely bride and I had been in Wausau for the weekend visiting the kids and were on our way home on Hwy 29 after that lousy Packer game.  We were seeing a lot of deer in the fields and we were talking about family stuff and somehow we got on the topic of Dad and how he was able to see deer all the time. So I told Kay about the time Dad had seen those "bear" especially about the one on Hwy 29 coming up the road.

So about 10-15 miles later we came up on that area on Hwy 29 (pictured below) where Dad had seen his "bear".  There is a long rise up to a ridge on the south side of the road with fields leading up to woods on top of the ridge.  So I tell my lovely bride that "Hey, this is the area Dad saw his bear". So in the first field there are a couple deer...  In the second field (This year the front half is alfalfa and the back half is corn with a few rows already combined) we looked to see if there were more deer...

About half way across the field, I kid you not, there is a very large bear walking east along the edge of the corn.  This is a very large bear and there was no mistaking it for anything other than a bear.  I would guess it was at least 3 feet tall at the shoulder and big!  I have only seen a couple bears in the wild in my life, and this was easily the biggest. Amazing sight!

So shortly after we talked about this exact subject, in the VERY field Dad had "seen" a bear in, we see an actual, VERY LARGE bear in the exact field I had described. Absolutely amazing!

I assume this was some sort of message from Dad...  Got it Dad...  That one was not a stump...

I’m just glad I didn't say anything bad about him.  

So anyway, Darwin says "Hi"!


April 26, 2015 - Jak se maj!

Fish Camp 2015 is RIGHT AROUND the corner!!!

The Fish Camp Menu and lists are HERE...


March 22, 2015 - Jak se maj!

We made it back from Vegas with Weatherman and Sidekick in tow...  What a trip!

The Weatherman's final forecast from Vegas is HERE...


February 08, 2015 - Jak se maj!

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife!

Kay Curt 1 small       Kay Curt 30 small

30 years of the best thing that ever happened to me!


2015 - Jak se maj!

Happy New Year from the Nelsons!

KayCurtPortrait 2015 small

Hope you all have a happy, successful, and blessed 2015!!!